Christmas 2012 Press Release

Improved Quality of Life for the Elderly in Care Facilities with Sing-Along Christmas Songs

 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – October 21, 2012 – One of North America’s most popular sing-along series for seniors, Melodic Memories, is offering a Sing-Along Christmas Songs special for 2012.

 Until December 31st, 2012 activity directors in nursing homes, retirement communities, adult day homes as well as families that care for their own elderly loved ones, can benefit from sing-alongs that help improve memory, mood and overall quality of life for the elderly.

Tim Moores of Great Idea Productions, that produced the Melodic Memories series, said “Familiar melodies can access what doctors have called the ‘music memory’ that we all have and seniors in particular benefit from the music and melodies that bring back to remembrance some of their favorite tunes and songs to sing.”

 He added that many care facilities have offered feedback on the DVD’s after using them with residents, many of which suffer with Alzheimer’s and other dementia, and the reports have been very, very encouraging and positive. The sing-along sessions have helped to cause some seniors that were almost catatonic, to respond with movement and reaction to the music.

 The elderly participants that were able to share their own feedback have said they enjoy the tunes, watching the musicians on-screen that are of varying ages and include many different instruments. The lyrics on-screen are large and easily viewable as well without a distracting bouncing ball. Seniors like to see the lyrics on the screen, but also appreciate the lyrics that can be printed off from the website.

 Melodic Memories has experienced sales growth year after year as it’s successfully, well produced series becomes more popular across the country. Tim Moores said that they have shipped their DVD’s to Australia, New Zealand, England and across north America.

 The benefits of singing and sharing musical entertainment, for the elderly, are many. Increased oxygen to the brain and in the blood from singing and drawing in more breath helps the immune system, mood, circulation and energy level of the participants. Other benefits include the dispelling of loneliness, depression, and lethargy, and help to alleviate some physical pain, enhance sensory awareness and offer room for creative expression. Even a senior restricted to more time alone will be helped with the inclusion of singing along with the other singers on the DVD and feeling a part of the musical entertainment.

 The Sing-Along Christmas songs special is for only a limited time and the requirement for shipping time should also be considered for those who would like to have these available for their Christmas parties and other seasonal activities.

 In addition to the sing-along Christmas songs DVD, Melodic Memories has also produced a Classic Oldies DVD and a Traditional Gospel DVD. All 3 DVD’s are available individually or as a set, 3 for the price of 2.

 For more information on the Melodic Memories DVD’s and the Christmas Songs DVD special, visit the Melodic Memories website at or call them directly at 1-877-219-2287 or local to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 780-463-3330.


Tim Moores

Melodic Memories

Phone: 1-877-219-2287



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Music for Seniors – Brings Back Songs of the Past

Edmonton, Canada – August 11, 2011 – Music for seniors can be a great source of happy memories. Music is appreciated universally and it’s an excellent form of therapy. Individuals tend to like the music they grew up with best and seniors can now experience the songs of their youth with a Melodic Memories sing-along.

The Melodic Memories series is available on DVD and include songs for seniors for all occasions. The series is available on VHS while copies last. The DVDs are more than just songs – they’ve been likened to the next best thing to a live performance.

DVDs are easy for staff and volunteers of care facilities, or home caregivers, to use in a variety of settings and each song is paced to promote and encourage participation for everyone. Lyrics are clearly displayed in black print on a white background at the bottom of the screen. One-hour videos are divided into 30-minute sessions.

The Christmas music for seniors DVD contains 24 traditional favorites. Virtually every well-known Christmas song is included in the DVDs, from “Angels We Have Heard on High,” Frosty the Snowman” and “Silent Night” to “Deck the Halls” and “Joy to the World.”

The classic oldies DVD will have seniors dancing in the aisles with 27 popular selections. The tunes range from “Billy Boy,” “Oh My Darlin’, Clementine” and “Daisy! Daisy!” to “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “It’s A Long Way to Tipperary.”

A third DVD of 20 traditional, old-time gospel favorites is also offered. The compilation includes such favorites as “When the Saints Go Marching In,” “Amazing Grace” and “Rock of Ages” to “He’s Got the Whole World” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.”

Melodic Memories provides complete lyrics for each song on all the DVDs of music for seniors that can be accessed and printed from the firm’s website. A free demo is also available on the site. Individuals can register to receive the Nursing Home Activities Resource newsletter which has activities and resources available for activity directors and individuals that care for seniors.

The unique musical creations of Melodic Memories will put a smile on the faces of seniors when they experience the music of their youth through the popular DVDs. The music for seniors in the sing along series offers an entertaining option for healthcare facilities, nursing homes and similar venues. Professionals can utilize the DVDs as part of their treatment for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The DVDs also make a thoughtful gift for individuals that allows seniors to revel in their glory days.

Located in Edmonton, AB, Canada, Melodic Memories can be reached toll free by phone at 1-877-219-2287, or by fax at 1-780-463-3375 and by email through the website contact form.

Visitors can follow them on Facebook at For more information, visit the website here,