Sing Along DVD’s for Seniors

Give Them Something to Sing About!
Classic Oldies, Traditional Gospel and Christmas Songs - Sing Along Music for Seniors that you can play over and over again as pleasant background music, use in a music program, for therapy, or just a good ol' sing along.
  • Christmas Sing-Along Special

    Give them something to sing about with Christmas songs to Sing Along to for hours of holiday fun and entertainment. Remember to put in coupon code: “JT30XM“

    Christmas Sing-Along Special
  • Music for Seniors Sing Along DVD Series

    Sing Along Music for Seniors gives them hours of enjoyment alone or as a group activity.

    Music for Seniors Sing Along DVD Series
  • Classic Oldies DVD

    These Classic Oldies include many of the songs seniors sang in their youth or at various times such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations and other gatherings.

    Classic Oldies DVD
  • Traditional Gospel Songs DVD

    The Traditional Gospel songs DVD hosts many familiar tunes for those who attended church or sang in choirs and loved to share their Faith and Praise through song.

    Traditional Gospel Songs DVD